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GPX HM3817DTBLK CD Player Alarm Clock Music System w/ Headphone Jack

GPX HM3817DTBLK CD Player Alarm Clock Music System w/ Headphone Jack
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Product Description

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A STATE OF THE ART modular music system combines with full function alarm clock in the GPX HM3817DTBLK CD Player Alarm Clock Music System W/ Headphone Jack. Clock has blue backlit LCD display for current time, alarm, and sleep timer. VERTICAL load CD, CD-R/RW player joins with digital AM/FM stereo radio with station presets and full range speakers (w/ removable cloth grills). OPERATIONAL EASE is seen throughout the system: EQ button setting for switching between Rock,Pop,Jazz, or Classical, 4 preset EQ, RCA AUX In-Put & stereo line-in jacks (3.5mm line-in cable INCLUDED for added audio sources),& FULL FUNCTION remote control. Repeat a single song or an entire album (with headphone jack for optional private listening). Additional features detailed in manual.

  • Vertical-load CD, CD-R/RW player
  • Blue backlit LCD display with clock & timer
  • Full-range speakers with removable cloth grills
  • Digital tune AM/FM stereo
  • Radio station memory presets
  • Electronic volume control
  • 4 preset EQ, aux input & stereo line in jacks
  • Stereo headphone jack
  • Includes AC line cord for AC line power
  • Includes full-function remote

  • Specifications

  • 1 LCD Display The LCD displays the units current function, the clock, and alarm times.
  • 2 VOLUME Press the VOLUME buttons to increase(+) or decrease(-) the units volume.
  • 3 EQ Press the EQ button to switch between Rock, Pop, Jazz, or Classic equalizer settings.
  • 4 STANDBY Press the STANDBY button to put the unit in standby mode or to turn the unit on.
  • When the unit is in standby mode, the STANDBY button will be red.
  • 5 LINE IN Connect an external audio source to the LINE IN port to play music from that external source through the units speakers. (Requires a 3.5mm line in cable, included)
  • 6 FUNCTION Press the FUNCTION button to switch between CD, Radio, and AUX modes.
  • 7 SLEEP/ALARM SET Press the SLEEP button to set the sleep timer. Press the ALARM SET button, in standby mode, to set the alarm.
  • 8 SPEAKER OUT Connect external speakers (included) to the R/L speaker out ports to amplify music from the unit.
  • 9 RESET Using a paperclip or like object, press the RESET button to restore the unit to the factory default settings.
  • 10 SKIP/TUNE (DOWN/MINUTE, UP/HOUR) Press the SKIP/TUNE buttons to adjust the radio frequency, change the CD track, or adjust the minute and hour on the clock or alarm time settings.
  • 11 REPEAT/PROGRAM/CLK ADJ. Press the REPEAT button once to repeat a single song. Press the REPEAT button twice to repeat an entire album. Press the PROGRAM button to activate the CD programming function (see operations). In standby mode, press the CLK ADJ. button to activate the clock adjust function (see operations).
  • 12 PLAY/PAUSE/MEM + Press the PLAY/PAUSE button to play and pause a CD. In Radio mode, press the MEM+ button to cycle through saved radio stations.
  • 13 OPEN/CLOSE Press the OPEN/CLOSE button to open and close the CD door.
  • 14 HEADPHONE JACK Use the headphone jack to connect headphones to the unit.
  • 15 STOP/BAND Press the STOP button to stop a CD during play. Press the BAND button to switch between AM and FM bands when in radio mode.
  • 16 AUX IN Connect an external audio source to the AUX IN port to play music from that external source through the units speakers. (Requires a RCA Cable, not included)
  • 17 FM Antenna The FM wire antenna provides reception for the FM band radio.
  • 18 AC Cord Plug the attached AC Cord into a standard outlet to power the unit.
  • Speaker dim: 5" H x 3.5" W x 11.5" D
  • Player dim: 9.5" H x 2" W x 9.5" D
  • Weight: 7.6 lbs.

  • Manufacturers Warranty: 90 Days

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